We Want to Put You in Capable Hands with Our All Hands Analysis® Your future is our crew's focus.

Our Process

Our All Hands Analysis® Process was designed with one objective in mind: to understand YOUR goals and what you want in retirement.

Step 1.
Working Together

You have important questions and so do we. In Step 1, we establish a relationship and comfort level. We want to share ideas, giving you the opportunity to pinpoint where you are in your retirement planning and decide if you are on board with our service.


Step 2.
Learning the Ropes

In Step 2, we work with you to identify and prioritize your retirement goals. The results of this collaborative process will give our experience team a clear understanding of where you want to go, so they can begin the All Hands Analysis® of your custom retirement plan.


Step 3.
All Hands Analysis®

The goal here is to share the All Hands Analysis® provided by our crew of financial professionals. This comprehensive analysis of your retirement will examine five key areas in your strategy:

  • Income
  • Growth
  • Taxes
  • Health care
  • Legacy

Through the All Hands Analysis®, our team will work to see that nothing is left to chance and nothing has been overlooked. Our analysis and resulting recommendation will be designed to help you weather all storms so you can enjoy your retirement journey.

Step 4.
Charting Your Course

At this point, it’s time to implement the All Hands Analysis® recommendation. We’ll work to define your priorities and action steps moving forward. This may include meetings with the CPA we have a strategic partnership with, to put your custom tax strategies in place, consultations with our financial advisors to position your assets for lifetime income, or discussions with your estate planning attorney, to help structure (or restructure) your estate plan. This is where we put your custom legacy strategy into motion.


Step 5.
Smooth Sailing Reviews

Our goal with the quarterly reviews is to stay in touch as you navigate the course of your retirement. Too often retirees are left high and dry once they set off into retirement. For us, it’s not sink or swim; we communicate with you throughout the journey so we can keep your strategy on course throughout your life’s adventures.


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