South Shore Retirement Services is committed to helping our clients’ protect their assets, both financial and real estate, to help ensure they don’t outlive their money. We offer real-world solutions to the issues facing the retirees of today and tomorrow. We design customized, time-tested strategies designed to meet our clients’ unique financial and lifestyle needs to ensure their retirement years are among their most comfortable and happy.

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We are full-service retirement services firm, finding real-world solutions to the concerns facing retirees of today and tomorrow.

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5 Big Threats To A Secure Retirement

As your career winds down, consider incorporating a proven wealth preservation strategy to protect your nest egg and generate income for life.

For many years, Americans relied on the “3-legged stool” approach to prepare for retirement.

In order to keep the stool stable and create a predictable plan for generating income in retirement, an individual would build its three legs using 1) personal savings, 2) employee pensions and 3) Social Security. For numerous members of the Silent Generation (born 1925-42), this was a reliable strategy. But for Baby Boomers and the generations that follow, this concept is not necessarily workable.

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The SECURE act - What the bill includes, and what it means for current savers and future retirees.

A new law which enjoyed bipartisan support was signed by the President and took effect on January 1, 2020. It changes some rules about how we save for retirement and you should know how it could affect your retirement strategy. While the new law isn’t perfect, it does offer several new provisions that make it easier to save for retirement, and also removes or changes a few strategies that many retirees have historically enjoyed.

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