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A retirement & insurance strategies show for retirees of today & tomorrow

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Mark Rowlette and Jordan Rich answer your questions and talk about case studies where South Shore Retirement Service’s holistic approach to retirement and insurance strategies were the right solution to the problems facing retirees of today and tomorrow. They know there’s a lot to consider when preparing for retirement – and that’s why they take a holistic approach. They look at the whole picture and design customized insurance strategies to help meet their clients’ unique financial and lifestyle needs. – Retire well, retire south shore, because nobody should worry about money in retirement.

Listen to Mark & Jordan's most recent podcasts

  • Radio 018 -Impact of Covid-19 on Jobs and Defined Benefit Plans

    Mark relates the concerns of many over losing not only their jobs but seeing unwelcome changes to defined benefits as companies are forced to tighten their belts.  But with proper planning and careful guidance, there are ways to protect your […]

  • Radio 017 -Lessons from the 08 Recession & What About Your 401K?

    Mark examines some stats from the last great downturn in 2008-09, what’s similar and different about that period and the Covid-19 crisis.  How does all of this upheaval affect your 401 K investments and why protecting your nest egg […]

  • Radio 016 -How Does the CARES Act Affect Retirement?

    Mark and Jordan explore key questions people of retirement age have about the CARES Act and how it impacts them.  Also, the critical need for quick response to client needs during the pandemic and how South Shore Retirement Services is quickly […]

  • Radio 015 -Unemployment Concerns and Does Roth IRA  Make Sense?

    Mark and Jordan discuss the rising unemployment numbers with sound advice for  older workers losing their jobs so close to retirement.   Also, a look at the options and consequences of rolling over funds now to a Roth IRA. Click here […]

  • Radio 014 -Be Wise, Think and Plan before Reacting

    As the pandemic quarantine continues, Mark and Jordan talk about the many safeguards protecting a retiree’s money, as well as ways to insure you can ride out the current  crisis with less anxiety. Click here to learn more about Mark […]

Meet your hosts.

Mark E. Rowlette, preSIDENT & FOUNDER

For more than 20 years, Mark has dedicated his career to providing his clients with a complete range of services that include Comprehensive Estate Planning, Social Security Maximization, Municipal Pension Planning, Guaranteed Income Distribution Planning and Wills, DPA, HCP, and Asset Protection.

His ongoing commitment to his clients has resulted in him being one of the youngest financial advisors to qualify for the prestigious Top of the Table designation with Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). Mark is committed to protecting his clients’ financial and real estate assets to guarantee they don’t outlive their money. He offers real-world solutions to issues facing the retirees of today and tomorrow by designing customized, proven strategies to meet his clients’ unique financial and lifestyle needs.

Mark works to ensure his clients’ retirement years are among their most secure, comfortable, and happy – because nobody should worry about running out of money.

jordan rich, boston broadcaster

Jordan Rich has been a Boston broadcaster for nearly forty years and his passion for the business has never wavered. Most recently, he wrapped up a successful twenty-year run as a late night talk host on WBZ AM 1030. Jordan is still happily employed part-time at WBZ with more reasonable hours, as he happily says. He’s currently focusing on work as a national voice-over artist, as well as training and coaching. Jordan is also active on the public speaking circuit. He is co-owner of Chart Productions, an audio/video production house in Boston.