Retirement Strategies & Insurance Services

Our retirement services are never cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all because we understand the depth and diversity of all our clients’ life experiences and expectations. We help them prepare for and guide them through a number of key retirement preparation elements.

Holistic Retirement Strategies

Our customized approach to retirement preparation includes a range of strategies from helping to manage and protect your existing assets to estimating future cash flows in retirement.

Pension Maximization

When nearing retirement age, employees with a pension are often tasked with the decision around pension payout options. For instance, a single-life payout, which ceases upon your death - or a joint payout which spreads the payout over the lifetime of you and your spouse, and is lower than the single payout.

Insurance & Annuity Products & Strategies

We work with you to analyze your insurance and retirement income needs to help you maximize your pension and income needs in retirement.

Social Security Strategies

Social Security planning is one of the most important cornerstones of your retirement income plan. South Shore Retirement Services applies years of experience and the latest cutting edge technology. Utilizing Social Security software allows us to quickly analyze, compare and verify possible filing and election strategies for you.

Estate Planning

Everything you own or have ever worked for comprises your estate: your home, your automobile, bank accounts, insurance policies, and every last one of your personal possessions. Estate planning is vital to making sure your wishes are carried out.

*Estate planning and legal services are offered through Bill Caldwell, P.C., Attorney at Law

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