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Listen to Retire South Shore Radio each week as Mark Rowlette and Jordan Rich talk about case studies where South Shore Retirement Service’s holistic approach to retirement and insurance strategies can be the right solution to the problems facing retirees of today and tomorrow.

Meet your host.

Mark E. Rowlette

President & Founder of South Shore Retirement Services| MDRT Top of the Table.

“ We know there’s a lot to consider when preparing for retirement – and that’s why we take a holistic approach. We look at the whole picture and design customized insurance strategies to help meet your unique financial and lifestyle needs.”

For more than 20 years, Mark has dedicated his career to providing his clients with a complete range of services that include Comprehensive Estate Planning, Social Security Maximization, Municipal Pension Planning, Guaranteed Income Distribution Planning and Wills, DPA, HCP, and Asset Protection.

His ongoing commitment to his clients has resulted in him being one of the youngest financial advisors to qualify for the prestigious Top of the Table designation with Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). Mark is committed to protecting his clients’ financial and real estate assets to guarantee they don’t outlive their money. He offers real-world solutions to issues facing the retirees of today and tomorrow by designing customized, proven strategies to meet his clients’ unique financial and lifestyle needs.

Mark works to ensure his clients’ retirement years are among their most secure, comfortable, and happy – because nobody should worry about running out of money.

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